How does VCA help animals?



Voice for Companion Animals is made up of volunteers who love animals!

All of us here at VCA have at one point fostered, adopted strays, and rescued unwanted pets.



One common theme kept coming up.  A lot of people who have to relinquish their pets do so because they can no longer afford them.

Voice for Companion Animals fills that need in southeastern Nebraska.





We provide a pet food pantry to assist families in feeding their pets. While at the same time, we provide education, encourage veterinary care, and help with resources for pets in crisis.





Our goal is to keep pets in Nebraska a part of the family.  We are the voice these animals need.  We advocate for their best interest.







We don’t ask for anything in return, except one thing.  We ask that if we help you, that you pay it forward when you can.

We hope that our organization makes a difference in pet’s lives, and in the lives of the families that we assist.





We know that our small non profit probably won’t do big things, but we hope that we can all do small things with great love.

Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers, and donors.

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